Mission Statement 

The Nigerian Reunion Corporation is a global organization whose primary purpose is to promote and strengthen the unity and honor of Nigerians and Nigerian descendants in the diaspora. The Nigerian Reunion Corporation exists for the betterment of Nigerian people, Nigerian descendants and Nigerian Communities The Nigerian Reunion Corporation draws on its broad cultural diversity to facilitate professional and academic development, along with personal growth. Through effective communication, social programming and skills leveraging, the Nigerian Reunion Corporation hopes to enhance the strength, unity and honor of Nigerians

About Us 

The Nigerian Reunion Corporation (NRC) formed in 1999, is an energetic, organization that uses creative social and professional programs to positively promote Nigerians in the Diaspora. The NRC draws on a broad cultural and professional diversity of her member associates in promoting the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria and the African continent. NRC associates are committed individuals from all works of life, ranging from college students, to entrepreneurs, and working professionals.

The NRC is an organization committed to the following objectives:

  •  To promote cooperation and professional networking among Nigerians, Nigerian descendants and people world-wide.
  •  To promote unity and interaction of people through a national reunion conference.
  •  To provide assistance to the poor and the needy
  •  To provide enriching educational and cultural workshops for the public.
  •  To promote awareness and appreciation for the diverse culture of people worldwide

NRC Welcomes You

NRC Welcomes You

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